As part of your six-monthly (or annual) checkup & review we provide a thorough and comprehensive examination of your mouth.

After discussing your medical history and your general health condition, your dentist will start by assessing the extra-oral areas of your mouth, head and neck – the lymph nodes, joints, the saliva glands, muscles and lips – looking for any abnormal or cancerous conditions.

Next your dentist will check your soft tissues – the inside of the lips, the tongue, the palate, the inside of the cheeks, again checking for abnormal conditions.

After that a screening of your periodontal health is carried out (the state of your gums). Minor cases of gum disease may mean a recommendation to visit the hygienist for a full-mouth scale and polish and oral hygiene instruction. More severe cases are referred to our in-house Periodontist (gum-specialist).

Finally, as part of our dental service, your teeth are checked for decay, fractures, defective fillings and unsightly restorations. Small digital x-rays may be taken to gain a better view of ‘hidden’ areas of your mouth, for example, to detect whether any decay is occurring between or inside your teeth. X-rays also help to show the supporting bone level in your jaw, to detect signs of advanced periodontal disease or infections.

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